Can Older Women Undergo Breast Augmentation?

For many people, breast augmentation is associated with youth. In fact, some women may be under the mistaken impression that they are too old for breast augmentation. While many women in their 20s and 30s undergo breast augmentation, there is no age at which you are considered "too old" for the procedure. In fact, many women who undergo the procedure are over the age of 35.

Why should you consider breast augmentation even if you are over the age of 35? Here are a few reasons why the procedure may still be a good idea to consider regardless of your age.

Breast Augmentation Helps You Restore Shape and Size

One of the best things about breast augmentation is that it can help you not only increase the size of your breasts but also help you improve the symmetry of your breasts. You can add more fullness to the shape of your natural breasts, giving your chest a more youthful, perky appearance. As a result, your entire chest will feel much more balanced. If you currently experience any sagging, a surgeon can remedy the problem.

Breast Augmentation Post-Pregnancy Lasts Longer

Regardless of when a women gets breast augmentation, pregnancy can have a significant impact on the results. If you are post-pregnancy and have no plans to have more children, you benefit from not having to undergo augmentation again to address the results. Additionally, you might consider another augmentation if you have previously had one when you were younger to address any changes that have occurred over time.

Breast Augmentation When You're Older May Provide Easier Recovery

Perhaps you are retired or now your children are all older. You may find that taking time off work and away from the family is easier now than it was in your 20s. As a result, you can have a more relaxing, slow recovery.

Breast Augmentation Improves Your Self-Confidence

Investing in breast augmentation is an investment in your confidence and self-esteem. When you love your body, you feel happy with yourself. There is no age limit on happiness and self-worth.

Essentially, the same rules that apply to other women will apply to you when you consider surgery as well. For example, you should be in good health and have realistic expectations about the outcome of surgery when you undergo the procedure. Additionally, you should make sure that you choose a surgeon who is qualified and comes highly recommended.