What Happens When A Hot Tub Meets A Pool? Faqs About Swim Spas

Are you ready to upgrade your yard? Hot tub swim spas can transform your home's exterior and turn it into a fully functional oasis. If this is your first experience with swim spas, take a look at what you need to know about this type of hot tub. Are Swim Spas and Hot Tubs the Same Thing? A swim spa blends the warming jetted therapy hot tubs offer with the ability to exercise in an outdoor aquatic environment. [Read More]

No, One-Size-Fits-All Facials Are Not for Everyone

Your skin is unique, and for this reason, not every product provides you with the type of results you had hoped for. The same is true when it comes to facials. While spas often offer a list of facial options, they are formulated with a one-size-fits-all approach. To ensure your specific skincare needs are met, a custom facial is often a better option. Learn about some of the complexities a custom facial can address. [Read More]

Untrue Myths About Waxing And Getting Waxed

Waxing is a tried and true method for hair removal. While people can and do wax themselves at home sometimes, most go see a professional for waxing. Still, there are some untrue myths floating around about the process and its effects. Check them out (and learn the truth) below. Myth: Waxing causes wrinkles. This one almost seems to make sense at first. Waxing does require the practitioner to pull on your skin, which seems like it may eventually cause your skin to loosen and develop wrinkles. [Read More]

Fusion Hair Extensions Last A Long Time And Can Be Treated Like Your Natural Hair

If you wish you had longer or thicker hair, it's time to consider getting hair extensions. There are different kinds of extensions, so you can opt for affordable ones you clip in yourself or you can have more permanent hair extensions put in at a salon. If you want a more permanent hairstyle, then fusion hair extensions may be your best option, although they can be a pricey choice. Here are some things to know about fusion extensions. [Read More]