Relaxing Into Better Health: The Top 3 Benefits Of Soaking In A Hot Tub

Soaking in a hot tub certainly seems luxurious, but did you know that it might not just be lavish — it might actually be a great addition to your current health regimen.

Hot tubs have all sorts of health benefits, but if you're looking for a compelling case to add a soak in to your daily routine, then here are the top three benefits to your health of soaking in a hot tub.

Helps Insomnia

Do you find it nearly impossible to get a good night's sleep? So do a lot of other Americans; statistics say that up to 35% of Americans suffer or have suffered from some sort of insomnia. If you're one of them, then a hot tub might be just what the sleep doctor ordered.

Not only can a 15- to 30-minute soak in the hot tub help to relax your body and mind, preparing both for sleep, but it also results in sleep that's deeper, more restful, and less interrupted than it would be otherwise. If you've exhausted your supply of chamomile tea and soothing lavender oils to help you sleep, a hot tub might be your best next step.

Lowers Your Stress Levels

Hot tubs lower stress — that's why they're seen as a luxury, more often than not. Soaking in hot water can help de-stress both your body and your brain, lowering your stress levels. In the hectic world of the 21st Century, that alone is a reason to invest in a hot tub.

But stress levels aren't the only levels that hot tubs can lower; they can do the same work on your blood sugar levels if you suffer from Type 2 Diabetes. Researchers found that soaking in hot water is even better for your blood sugar levels than cycling, lowering them by 10% more.

Improves Motion

Whether you've just gotten stiffer and creakier as you've gotten older or if you have a condition like arthritis, one thing is for sure your movement and motion has become cumbered, and that's no good if you're trying to live an active and healthy lifestyle. Luckily, a daily soak in the hot tub can change all that. Not only does it relax your muscles, decreasing any stiffness, but it also helps soothe your joints and reduce any inflammation there, helping to extend your range of motion once again.

If you want to take it one step further, try light flexibility exercises once you've been soaking for at least 15 minutes. The water ensures that you won't hurt yourself, and these exercises can improve your flexibility not only in the water but also on land.

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