Washing Your Face: Achieving The Best Results

To have beautiful skin, you may need to look at how you're washing your face everyday. Mistakes that you might be making as you wash your face can have an impact on your appearance. 

Use the Right Cleanser

The first step is to make sure that you're using the right cleanser. There are many cleansers out there, but not using the right one can impact the results you'll see as you wash your face. For example, there are cleansers that are able to purify your skin without drying it out and will remove dirt. There are cleansers that can exfoliate and remove dead skin. Also, the product needs to sit on your skin for long enough to achieve the full effect. After you have allowed the product to sit for a few minutes, rinse it off thoroughly. Otherwise, the residue will build up.

Don't Rinse Too Often

Don't wash your skin too often. Washing your skin once or twice a day is generally recommended. If you wash your skin more often, you'll simply irritate it. You may also think that you should exfoliate as much as you can, but this isn't needed more than twice a week. You'll remove dead skin cells effectively and won't irritate your skin. 

Avoid a Washcloth

There's no need to use a washcloth when you're cleansing your skin. The washcloth is too abrasive. Instead, you can simply use your hands or a muslin cloth, which is very soft on your skin. Also, if you do use a washcloth, make sure that it's clean. Change the towel every couple of days. Because the washcloth is moist, it's much more likely to attract bacteria if you're not careful.

Don't Go Too Hot

Make sure to not wash your skin at the wrong temperature. It's believed by some that hot water can help open and close your pores, but your pores don't actually have the ability to open or close. When you use hot water, you'll simply dry out your skin. You may also cause your skin to look redder. The best temperature for washing your skin is lukewarm.

Get a Facial

If you're struggling to achieve the results you want with your skin, the best option is to visit a salon that offers facials. A specialist can look at your skin and will provide a treatment that will improve your appearance and will be appropriate for your skin.