Want Hair Extensions For Your Wedding? How To Ensure They Look Great

If you've always wanted big hair on your wedding day — but you don't have big hair currently — then hair extensions are the way to go. You want to be careful, however, that the extensions you get end up looking natural and beautiful, not fake and unruly. How can you achieve that goal? Well, start by following the tips below.

1. Get professional, sewn-in extensions.

Clip-in extensions are the cheapest option, but they are cheap for a reason. It's really hard to find ones that are the same color as your hair, and many cannot be dyed. It's also really hard to put the extensions in so that they look natural. This is your wedding day, so you don't want to skimp out. Definitely opt for professionally applied extensions. They'll be sewn into your hair so there are no clips or strips to hide, and they can be placed where it looks most natural for your hair to have more volume.

2. Get the extensions about a week before your wedding.

It can take a stylist a few hours to sew extensions into your hair, especially when the extensions are longer. You won't want to sit there on the morning of your wedding, or even the night before, and have this done. Arrange to have the extensions put in about a week before your wedding day. Then, you will only have to sit in the stylist's chair for an hour or two to have your hair actually styled on the morning of your wedding. You'll also have a little time to get used to the extensions so they don't feel so odd or awkward on your wedding day.

3. Talk to your stylist about your preferred hairstyle before you get the extensions.

Don't go see your stylist and have the extensions put in until you've already chosen your wedding hairstyle. Knowing what hairstyle you want will allow your stylist to place the extensions in the right place. They can also ensure the extensions are the right length and volume for the style you want. If you need help picking the perfect wedding hairstyle with extensions, feel free to ask your stylist. They can show you styles that have worked well for others with a similar hair type of face shape to your own.

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