Fusion Hair Extensions Last A Long Time And Can Be Treated Like Your Natural Hair

If you wish you had longer or thicker hair, it's time to consider getting hair extensions. There are different kinds of extensions, so you can opt for affordable ones you clip in yourself or you can have more permanent hair extensions put in at a salon. If you want a more permanent hairstyle, then fusion hair extensions may be your best option, although they can be a pricey choice. Here are some things to know about fusion extensions.

How Fusion Extensions Are Put In

Fusion hair extensions come in strands that have tips on them that attach to strands of your natural hair with heat. The stylist has to apply individual strands with a heating tool in a process that could take hours. This process fuses the extensions to your hair so you don't have to worry about the extensions coming loose and falling out. A benefit of putting in extensions a strand at a time is that the stylist can blend colors so your hair looks more natural with light and dark streaks blended together all over your head.

How The Hair Extensions Are Maintained

Fusion extensions are considered permanent hair extensions, but they don't last forever. That's because your natural hair is constantly growing out and the extensions get farther and farther away from your scalp. This means you'll need to have the extension adjusted on a regular basis by moving the ends back to your scalp.

It's easy to get the extension loose even though they are bonded to your hair. The stylist can use a tool made for the job or use a treatment that loosens the bond. Once an extension has been moved closer to your scalp, the tip can be rebonded for a tight seal that lasts for several more weeks.

Why You Might Prefer Fusion Extensions

Fusion extensions are the most like your natural hair, especially if you invest in human hair extensions. You can curl, cut, and dye the extensions, so you have a range of hairstyles you can wear. You can wear a ponytail or bun without the extension ends showing.

These are also the most durable extensions. You can sleep and swim in them, whereas you can't do that with clip-in extensions. However, you still need to care for your extensions carefully by brushing them daily and avoiding heat from dryers and curling irons.

Since fusion hair extensions are put in and maintained by a stylist, they cost more, but the expense is worth it for having a full head of hair that you can treat like it's your own natural hair.