4 Times To Try Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture has made a difference in countless lives. People often wonder whether acupuncture treatment can address their specific concerns. You may want to look at acupuncture options at any of these four times.

Pain Management 

People choose acupuncture for pain management for a variety of reasons. It has centuries of history as a treatment. Many people prefer it as an alternative to more aggressive interventions. For example, a doctor might recommend that a patient start taking strong painkillers for pain management. The patient may feel that's a big leap to take before exploring less aggressive options. Acupuncture is a popular choice in these cases.

Some folks have negative histories with pharmaceutical interventions. If someone has been through drug rehab for opioid use, they might prefer to avoid strong pharmaceuticals. Acupuncture treatment is a drug-free option for people who are worried about addiction or the possibility of developing a habit.

Other Interventions Were Unsuccessful

Traditional medical interventions don't always work. Even if an intervention has a statistically high chance of working, it might not work well for you.

For example, people who have digestive disorders like IBS or reflux often struggle to find anything that mitigates their symptoms. Fortunately, generations of acupuncturists have worked with people who've had digestive issues for centuries. Using acupuncture, a professional may be able to stimulate the client's body's natural systems to help them better regulate their digestive tract.

Developed Tolerances

One of the shortcomings of many pharmaceutical interventions is that they'll only work for a while. Painkillers are notorious for fostering the body's tolerance. Many people also develop tolerance to drugs like antihistamines.

Especially if doctors have had you migrating from one medication to another over decades, you may have a trail of once-useful drugs that just don't do the job for you anymore. Particularly for disorders that don't have large pharmaceutical arsenals, there is a possibility you'll run out of options.

Your body will never develop a tolerance to acupuncture. If you're trying to find a long-term solution to problems that just won't quit, you should discuss your situation with an acupuncturist.

Chronic Conditions

Some chronic conditions are challenging to most forms of treatment. Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome are two notorious examples. People often experience widespread pain and have difficulty functioning, and medicine struggles to address such chronic conditions. Acupuncture is a solid option if you're trying to find a possible answer to a condition that exists at the boundary of current medical knowledge.

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