Two Reasons Why You Should Make Spa Day A Priority

Whether you're involved in a busy career or are in the process of raising a family, the stresses of life can definitely start to pile up.  You may have so much on your plate that you don't see how you'll be able to fit everything in.  However, although you have many things to accomplish, there is one thing that you shouldn't skip out on:  Spa day.  Designating some time to invest in yourself by going to the spa could turn out to highly advantageous for you. [Read More]

6 Tips For Caring For Your New Hair Extensions

Long, thick hair is something that many people desire, but few are born with. Luckily, high-quality hair extensions can give you the hair that you have always dreamed of. Getting the best hair extensions available can require a large financial investment, so it is important to know how to properly care for them so they will look great for a long time. Use the following tips to care for your new hair extensions: [Read More]

How Clean Is Your Spa? 4 Sanitation Requirements To Watch Out For

Most people go to the salon expecting to get a relaxing massage, a perfect pedicure or a new look. However, a small percentage of people who frequent spas will get something they're not expecting, such as a painful skin infection or contagious illness. Spas can be a hotbed of contamination, but not all spas are created equal. State required sanitation procedures will keep you safe, but some establishments don't follow them. [Read More]

Four Benefits Of Gel Nails Over Traditional Acrylics

If you're thinking about getting your nails done, your first thought may be to stick with traditional acrylics. However, there's a newer product on the scene: gel nails. These quick and convenient nails are becoming increasingly popular because they offer so many benefits over traditional acrylic nails. Here's a look. They dry quickly and are hard instantly. Sometimes acrylic nails can take a while to dry completely. Even if they feel dry to the touch, they may get dents or dings if you bump them on something. [Read More]