Four Benefits Of Gel Nails Over Traditional Acrylics

If you're thinking about getting your nails done, your first thought may be to stick with traditional acrylics. However, there's a newer product on the scene: gel nails. These quick and convenient nails are becoming increasingly popular because they offer so many benefits over traditional acrylic nails. Here's a look. They dry quickly and are hard instantly. Sometimes acrylic nails can take a while to dry completely. Even if they feel dry to the touch, they may get dents or dings if you bump them on something. [Read More]

Best Way To Get A Job At A Hair Salon

If you have a passion for helping men and women look their best, as well as a way with hair, you're most likely destined to become a hairdresser. Since the field is a competitive one, you may find it hard to land a job. Below is a list of tips that give you an edge over other applicants so that you're working in a hair salon in no time at all. [Read More]

Choosing The Right Spa Treatments: 3 Types Of Ingredients Commonly Used In Body Wraps And Their Benefits

Spa treatments can help you relax and also improve your skin's health and condition. In particular, body wraps are quite popular among clients, as you can see the results instantaneously. In most cases, most spas will recommend that you try 4 different wraps spread out several months as a full treatment. You'll see astonishing results. With that said, the type of body wrap that is most suited for you will depend on what concerns you're trying to target. [Read More]

4 Ways To Grow Your Yoga Retreat Vacation And Earn More Income

For yoga instructors, yoga retreat vacations provide a potentially lucrative opportunity to increase income. Growing a small yoga retreat vacation into an established one that attracts yoga practitioners from throughout a region, however, can be challenging. If you're a yoga instructor and already offer small, local retreats, here are four ways you can grow those retreats into sizable regional yoga retreat vacations. Specialize in a Specific Type of Yoga If you're going to ask attendees to pay hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars to attend a yoga retreat vacation, then you need to have something unique to offer. [Read More]