Choosing The Right Spa Treatments: 3 Types Of Ingredients Commonly Used In Body Wraps And Their Benefits

Spa treatments can help you relax and also improve your skin's health and condition. In particular, body wraps are quite popular among clients, as you can see the results instantaneously. In most cases, most spas will recommend that you try 4 different wraps spread out several months as a full treatment. You'll see astonishing results. With that said, the type of body wrap that is most suited for you will depend on what concerns you're trying to target. This article will take a look at 3 of the most common and popular ingredients used in body wraps and the benefits they offer.

Ease Body Aches with a Paraffin Body Wrap

Paraffin is a common ingredient used in manicures and pedicures to soften your skin. Similarly, it can do the same for your entire body when it is used in a body wrap. A paraffin body wrap is basically a wax wrap that will help soothe your muscle aches and also remove unwanted dead skin cells when it is removed. As it relaxes your muscles and body, it will help ease body aches. So, if you're sore from working out too much or sitting in one position for too long, you'll feel a lot more energized and stress-free after using a paraffin body wrap.

Slim Down with a Clay Body Wrap

The most common types of body wraps usually contain clay. It has a muddy mixture and consistency and will dry on your skin. A clay body wrap will help draw out toxins from your body, but most importantly, it will also draw out excess water. This helps you lose that stubborn water weight that has been sitting around your belly or other problem areas, so that you look slimmer. Clay body wraps work because their molecules have a negative charge on them. Toxins in your body usually have a positive charge.

Get Rid of Toxins and Feel Healthier with a Niacin Body Wrap

Have you been feeling a little under the weather lately? A body wrap spa treatment may be all that you need. A niacin body wrap will not only remove wrinkles, but will be used primarily to draw out as many toxins in your body as possible. It's even more effective than a clay body wrap. After the body wrap spa treatment, you'll feel and look a lot healthier.


After a stressful week, you'd be surprised at just how much a body wrap spa treatment can help you relax and improve your mood and health. Depending on what your concerns may be, different types of ingredients in various body wraps will be more effective than others.