Best Way To Get A Job At A Hair Salon

If you have a passion for helping men and women look their best, as well as a way with hair, you're most likely destined to become a hairdresser. Since the field is a competitive one, you may find it hard to land a job. Below is a list of tips that give you an edge over other applicants so that you're working in a hair salon in no time at all. 

Attend a Cosmetology School with a Job Placement Program

When searching for the best school to get your cosmetology license, look for one that has a job placement program. These schools believe in their students and have connections with area businesses so that you can start working right after graduation. Another option is to enroll in a school that will set you up with an internship that could possibly lead to a long-term position later on.

Obtain Additional Skills

If you want to set yourself apart from other applicants, then you'll need to obtain a few additional skills that a potential employer would find useful. For example, you may be a pro at waxing, a talented nail technician, or gifted at massage. Additionally, if you speak a second language or are also fluent in sign language, you'll be able to serve more customers. That will make you more attractive to employers. 

Create a Killer Resume

Seek help from a professional to create a killer resume that any potential employer will find hard to ignore. Everything from the type of paper you use to the wording of the resume matters when it comes to impressing the hiring manager of the salon you wish to work in. If you don't have money to hire someone to help with your resume, you can obtain assistance from an employee within your local library. The library may even offer resume writing classes, so don't be afraid to call up and ask. 

Design a Portfolio

Since working in a hair salon requires that you have artistic talent, it is a great idea to design a portfolio to submit along with your resume. Take pictures of the hairstyles you work on while in school and add portraits of friends and family members who will allow you to practice your skills on them. Make sure the portfolio contains a wide variety of cuts, colors, and styles so the potential employer can clearly see all that you can do. Don't be afraid to add extras, like nail designs if you also are accomplished in that area.