3 Summer Hair Trends for African Hair

Whether you have a weave or you style your natural hair, there are a few different ways that Black women can style their hair before heading into spring break and the warm summer months. Here's a look at just three ideas. 

1. Cornrows

If you want something that is tight against your scalp and really doesn't require any maintenance, then cornrows are a must. Cornrows are tight, thin braids that start out right at your root and then cascade all the way to the end of your hair. Although they can be a bit uncomfortable at first because of how tight they are, they are one of the best styles for you to have during the summer because you can literally hop in and out of the pool without having to worry about them unraveling. Plus, you can wear them down or up depending on the style you want. 

2. Braids

If you want braids but you don't want them as tight to your head, then you may want to go with braids. African hair braiding can be done in a variety of styles and widths depending on the look you are going for. For instance, you can go with really thin braids that are similar to cornrows or you can go with larger braids as well. Typically, people will add a weave to their natural hair when they are doing braids so that they can add length and volume to their hair. 

3. Buns

If you don't want to have to get a weave and you want something that doesn't require as much work from a stylist, then consider doing buns all around your head. The fun thing about tight buns is that you can do them yourself or you can have someone do them for you. 

If you are doing them yourself, just make sure that you part even sections of hair on your head before you tie your hair in a bun. To start out, try sectioning off your scalp into small grids. Then, you can make adjustments with a small comb so that every section is the same size. Then, group each section of hair into tight buns and use small elastics to help tie the buns tight to your head. 

Try these styles this summer to keep your hair looking fresh and stylish at the same time. To learn more about African hair braiding, reach out to a salon near you.