How To Set Your Hair Salon Apart From Others

When you own your own hair salon, your goal is to always keep customers coming in the door, and to always keep them feeling happy when they leave. Because it's so easy for people to tarnish your salon's reputation online, it is important that you really set yourself apart and offer your clients unique services that other hair salons don't. From blowouts to hand massages, this article will list a few different things you can offer your clients. 


Blowout bars have become really popular in the past five to ten years. When you go to a blowout bar, someone will wash your hair and blow it out; that way you can get on with your day and not have to fuss with your hair. To really capitalize on this idea, consider offering full on blowouts at your salon; that way people can ditch the blowout bars and come to your salon instead. The great thing about blowouts is that they're fast, require minimal product, and you can get some consistent customers to come in and see you. 


Set yourself apart for other hair salons and offer your adults some champagne every time they come into your salon. By getting a bubbly drink and getting to unwind while they get their hair done, you can bring your salon experience to a whole new level. While you may have to charge a little extra for a second glass of champagne, giving everyone one complimentary glass is the way to go. Plus, you can always buy really affordable champagne and nobody will know the difference once it's served in a champagne glass. 

Hand Massages

Most people who come into a hair salon for a color have to sit under some sort of dryer for about 30 minutes (if not longer). While your customers are waiting, have your stylists give them a complimentary hand massage. This extra bit of service will help your clients fully relax at every stage of the hair salon process and it's another great way to set yourself apart from other people. To make sure you don't hurt anyone who has carpal tunnel or another hand issue, make sure that you train all of your stylists on how to give a professional hand massage. 

By offering your clients these services, they will hopefully leave you and your staff with a five-star review that will make your hair salon the hottest one in town. 

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